Display Your Art

Want to share your talent and display your art on the walls of Stone Church?

Please send an email to cheryl@stonechurchrocks.com

We schedule new shows monthly and send a big thanks to all the artists who have adorned our walls this past year.

Currently on Display – Marc Payson

Marc’s current work is based on intuitive abstract expressionism. His focus over the last year has been the exploration of the intuitive process.  Rather than trying to direct each painting in a certain direction, he tries to allow the canvas to speak to him. In a sense he goes with his first instinct and allows the image to create itself, morphing and changing on each stroke, leading to another and so on. He enjoys watching the creative process take its own form to create something unique and often completely different from what he’d done previously. “Learning how to trust his instincts and not question the process has been a wonderful adventure looking for order in chaos.”

The other focus of his artwork has been painting mandalas using the same intuitive process as the abstract works. Marc hopes you find something of your own in these works. Enjoy!

 Marc has a background as a saxophonist, and over the last 30 years has “joined the stage with many wonderful bands and as a composer of primarily new age infused dreamscapes.”

He also holds an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design/ Computer Graphics from Tompkins-Cortland Community College.

Come check out Marc’s psychedelic and beautiful work.  Very Stone Churchy!

For more information on Marc’s artwork or to purchase an original, please reach out to marcpayson@hotmail.com or 603-775-9096.

You can also find his works on Pinterest under the boards for MPayson.

Marc currently resides in North Hampton, NH.

Promoting the Visual Arts

The Stone Church has a long history of promoting the visual arts, starting with Jessica Alford, the muralist who painted the iconic portraits of the  beloved musicians on the outside of windows. Jessica grew up in Dover and had just graduated from Chester College of New England with her BFA when she approached the current owners (Peter, Paul, John and Chris) for work.  She started with flyers but moved on to the murals.  They decided upon musicians that would be easily recognizable and colorful, and Jessica drew preliminary sketches with an Art Nouveau and Gothic look to them. They wanted to represent the look of stained glass.  It took Jessica about 2 years to complete the project.

Jessica Alford wishes to “thank Peter and Paul for the opportunity for being able to showcase the images on the Stone Church years back and the back bone, Fred W. Cole Sr. who taught me how to do it! She also wants to thank all the subsequent owners for keeping them up for so long. One more big thank you goes out “for the support of my family, the town of Newmarket and all the patrons for enjoying all the work! “Thank you Jessica!  You’ve helped put Stone Church on the map!